Lindsey Cherek paints to understand and create dialog around the human experience of queer, non-binary, and otherwise marginalized individuals. She focuses on nudes, exploring the vulnerability and power of these figures. Working from a background of research on the intersections of gender and sexuality in art history, Cherek’s process involves attention to the figures’ poses, their direct gaze, and the use of color and mark making to evoke emotion, new ideas, and pleasure. Through bright colors and everyday materials, Cherek paints marginalized people in a pleasurable way.


Growing up in the working class and navigating poverty for her entire life, Cherek originally turned to cast-off materials due to a lack of resources: foam board, left-over paint, and other materials. Years later, she understands these materials as rooted in working class experiences. Cherek was born and raised in the rural Midwest and has made a conscious decision to stay in a small-town along the Mississippi River to further her research on creating representation and visibility for rural queer communities. 


She has experienced both the threat of violence that comes with coming out in a heteronormative world and the joy and healing that come from creating queer community and developing pride in identity and human connection. All of these experiences inform her painting.