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Lindsey Cherek Waller paints to imagine and create a non-binary world where pleasure can be experienced beyond what capitalism allows. Waller focuses on queer, non-binary ideas and expression through the figures and subjects in their paintings. 

Growing up in the working class and navigating poverty for their entire life, Waller originally turned to cast-off materials due to a lack of resources: foam board, left-over paint, and other materials. Years later, supported by a growing foundation of research on gender and sexuality and art history, they understand these materials as rooted in working class experiences and leverage these materials in visual language, speaking to the ways identity, gender, and class are communicated and performed.  

Waller considers both the violence and the joy that comes with being queer in a cisheteropatriarchal world, as well as the imagination necessary to construct a new one. All of these experiences inform their work.

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